Friday, March 17, 2017

Waking Up Slowly

Spiritual lessons from my dog, my kids, critters, and other unexpected place.
By Dave Burchett
This book was very interesting and compelling to read with an intimate, warm and touching story. We all know that in our living life style had been changing very fast and with all that changing was coming with the technology and connected with the culture and making life easy to live and comfortable in yours life everyday but for all the busyness like that we are living that we are arguably the most disconnected from the awareness of God's presence. Waking Up Slowly is giving all the reader to challenge to live in the moment and find the everyday to joy the life that we missing when we live in disconnected busyness. Dave Burchett sets out to discover how life might be different if you are awoke each morning consciously looking for the easy to miss postcards from God. Walking Up Slowly is will changing the way your wake up in everyday life. This book is fully of the story of learning how to more appreciate each moment on each day. During in this journey, The author finds regular reminders of daily joys with his Labrador pal, Maggie, often at his side. God's presence is real and discoverable. We just need to wake up to it. I highly recommend to everyone must to read this book. " I received a complimentarly of this book for review from Tyndale House "

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