Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Battlestar Galactica Vault

Ever since Battlestar Galactica first aired more than three decades ago, fans have wildly embraced its engrossing story of humanity's war with the alien Cylons. This fully licensed, comprehensive volume will feed their craving for inter-Galactica information with an in-depth and exclusive look all the shows in the BSG franchise: the original series and the reimagined 2004 version, plus Galactica 1980, Caprica, and Blood & Chrome. It covers the series' creative development, characters, popular storylines, and favorite episodes, and discusses what the BSG franchise has meant to the sci-fi universe. More than 150 images go behind the scenes and bring key imagery to life, and an envelope inside the book contains removable treasures, such as an original series poster, Cylon concept art, annotated script, Caprica currency, and more. Plus, the gorgeous special extended case wrap hardcover features the complete.
1. Reproduction of several pages from the Book of Pythia original prop, ad seen in "Home", a two-part episode in season two of the reimagined series.
2. Reproduction of the original series promotional poster with art by Ralph McQuarrie.
3. Set Photos taken during the filming of "Saga of a Star World".
    VFX explosions surround Lew Ayres (Quorum President: Adar) during the Cylon attack on the       fated Battlestar Atlantia (row 1-4); Richard Hatchand Rick Springfield (Apollo and Zac Adama ) playing around with prop weapons on set (row5); and  behind-the-scense shots of crew members working between takes(row 6 and 7).
4. Visual effects storyboards from 1978's "Saga of Star World'.
5.  The fleet of Battlestar Galactica 1978, picturing original miniatures from the collection of Gray Cannavo. Photos by Jim Small.

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