Friday, February 24, 2017

Crossing the Waters

Crossing the Waters
This book was very inspire me with story and theology, with lives suffering and quiet joy, with vast mysteries and  strong savior. This is one of the most wonderful stories from her experience and her family that live life surrounding with the world of water, wind and waves as weak as fish, boats, and storms in the Leslie Leyland Field's that can be open up with the life of Jesus. Her had be open with her story life and very challenging, changing, crisp, bracing, beautiful, sometime dangerous and teeming with life.   this is a wonderful storyteller and in so doing brings Bible characters to life as real flesh and blood with spirit and grace people called to follow Jesus.
I highly recommend to everyone must to read this book.
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Wednesday, February 22, 2017


This book was very interesting read and learn about life and all with the spiritual. There is nothing to faith or feel blessed about being broken. In fact certain circumstances in life hurt so much to intensely that we think we will never heal at all but blessing can come in the wake of our being broken and this blessing is richest when we are not only let ourselves fully experiences the brokenness but also wrestle with God over why he allowed us to be broken. When we cooperate with God as he does his refining and transformational work in us, his blessing will follow our brokenness. with FINDING GOD's BLESSINGS in BROKENNESS will helping, healing and encourage you with the knowledge that will make you stay strong in your faith and spite you along with gaining a greater understanding of the nature of God and of ourselves through brokenness, we will begin to see that others people are no worse and no better than we are. Brokenness make us less critical and judgmental. It also open us up to new ways we can share God's Love with others. I highly recommend to everyone must to read this book.
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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Long Days of Small Things

Long Days of Small Things
Motherhood as a spiritual discipline
By Catherine McNiel
This books is offering rich, soul-inspiring practices specially for mom who have neither quite nor time and also invites us to connect with God better than never before. Catherine has written so beautifully of a woman spiritual pathway to God the author also had passing her experience from the word to word that had been found from her journey of the spaghetti days of family, The wonder of pregnancy and birthing, and above all the sacredness into motherhood. This book also help a weary parent weak up a bit more to the eternal life living explains simple ways to practice God's presence in daily routines. These practical suggestions put worship within reach of everyday busy mom, gently explaining how to live in the present of find God in the chaos chasing kids. This will change how to view with life and motherhood. with more detail inside like Finding the householder's path 1, She carried God under her heart, With the help of God created a man !, Flowing with milk and honey, Made in the image of God's love, All nighter with God and much more spirit inside this book. Catherine McNiel survived her children's preschool years by learning to find beauty in the mayhem. Now, she write to open the eyes of weary moms to God's  creative, redemptive work in each day. She serves alongside her husband in a community-based  ministry while she cares if thee kids, works two jobs, and grows one enormous garden. I highly recommend to everyone must to read this book.
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Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Foreword by MattChandler
There is not to much people are write on spiritual gifts as wisely, biblically. This book was very inspire with encourage and giving us all the answer and help us learn to minister God's grace in the power of the holy spirit with in Practicing the Power, pastor and author Sam Storms offers practical steps to steps to understanding and exercising spiritual gifts in a way that remains grounded in the world and centered in the gospel. With examples drawn from his forty years of ministry as a pastor and teacher, Storms offers a guidebook that helps individual believers gain a better understanding  of how to cultivate the work of the spirit in their own life, and assists pastors and church leaders by helping them think through the changes that are needed to see God move in supernatural power. If you long to see God's Spirit move in your church, aren't sure why that isn't happening or where to begin, This why so important for you to read this book. Sam has written this book to help anyone who longs to see those gifts meaningfully interpreted into the life of their church with his experience Sam Storms (PhD, University of Texas ) with his work all including inside with inspiring personal examples. I highly recommend to everyone must to read this book.
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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Battlestar Galactica Vault

Ever since Battlestar Galactica first aired more than three decades ago, fans have wildly embraced its engrossing story of humanity's war with the alien Cylons. This fully licensed, comprehensive volume will feed their craving for inter-Galactica information with an in-depth and exclusive look all the shows in the BSG franchise: the original series and the reimagined 2004 version, plus Galactica 1980, Caprica, and Blood & Chrome. It covers the series' creative development, characters, popular storylines, and favorite episodes, and discusses what the BSG franchise has meant to the sci-fi universe. More than 150 images go behind the scenes and bring key imagery to life, and an envelope inside the book contains removable treasures, such as an original series poster, Cylon concept art, annotated script, Caprica currency, and more. Plus, the gorgeous special extended case wrap hardcover features the complete.
1. Reproduction of several pages from the Book of Pythia original prop, ad seen in "Home", a two-part episode in season two of the reimagined series.
2. Reproduction of the original series promotional poster with art by Ralph McQuarrie.
3. Set Photos taken during the filming of "Saga of a Star World".
    VFX explosions surround Lew Ayres (Quorum President: Adar) during the Cylon attack on the       fated Battlestar Atlantia (row 1-4); Richard Hatchand Rick Springfield (Apollo and Zac Adama ) playing around with prop weapons on set (row5); and  behind-the-scense shots of crew members working between takes(row 6 and 7).
4. Visual effects storyboards from 1978's "Saga of Star World'.
5.  The fleet of Battlestar Galactica 1978, picturing original miniatures from the collection of Gray Cannavo. Photos by Jim Small.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

A Harvest of Thorns

Corban Addison

This book had a beautifully written with the great story and also important in its massage from all real problem of international human trafficking turning to a modern day. if you love to read a book that had all the story with a drama and unique in its insights into hidden and full of  story an experience from Corban Addison. He is a bestselling author of a Walk Across the Sun, The Dark Water, which won the 2016 Wilbur Smith Adventure Writing Award. Addison’s novels have been published in over 25 countries. An supporter of humanitarian and social justice causes around the world. He lives with his wife and children  in Virginia. This book also had a great stories of a good people struggling to do right in the world’s of  forgotten place that we are all living. There is no better suited  to take you on the ride of your life. In the story there is about the people from the poorest countries on the globe are pressed into working for slave wages to manufacture soft goods to be sold in the most affluent countries like North America and Western Europe. This is a most powerful writing with all the spirit including of love and romance, guilt and suspense all in one story again and again. I highly recommend to everyone must read this book.
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Driftwood Bay

Driftwood Bay By IRENE HANNON THREE – TIME AWARD WINNER A Hope Harbor Novel This book was a beautiful writing and compelling to r...