Thursday, December 15, 2016

WHISPERING TO HORSES an Amish Horses novella

By Thomas Nye 
I very enjoy to reading a beautiful story of the Whispering to Horses very much and very inspirit me with the love that all surround you. Thomas Nye, the Author of this book had been share and experience of his life and his family that live near an Amish community, where he grew to know and respect his Amish neighbors. His love for draft horses deepened that connection and compelled him to write about five grown children and five grandchildren and with the love of the God with for the thing that God had create in the world and share love to everyone. This is a nice and create a beautiful of short story and easy to read and understand with a full of story and an amazing to read and some surprise of the story in this book too.  This will be one the other book of Thomas Nye that very interesting fiction book to read. The story of this book is beyond and leaves of one of the hoping and interesting twists and how to find peace and end to the conflict with deeply inside of romance touch of the story. I highly recommend this book for everyone must read too. 
" I received this book from BookCrash for complimentary     in exchange for this review "

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