Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The One Year Impact for Living Men’s Devotional

Daily Coaching for a Life of Significance
By Scott Whitaker & Nathan Whitaker
New York Time Bestselling Author
How will your life impact your family, your community and the world ?
Will you leave emotional wreckage in your wake or will you lead the people around you to something greater and better ?
All of us have been created by God for impact a unique impact in this world. But too often we're distracted from the eternal significance of our actions by the more alluring parts of power heath, image, and status. This daily devotional will help you to focus on your eternal legacies-what you can do each day when you understand your God-given purpose, potential, passion, and platform.
This is a perfect one years gift to inspire and motive the men in your life
This is a very unique and a beautiful writing book that was very interesting and inspire me and guide me to step by step to do living men's devotional myself with can be used to real life in a busy, live and active world and challenge with the imagine of the legacy to start live daily life in one year growing and connect with the God.
I highly recommend this book to everyone must read and specially who want a guide line how to start a new life in the next New Years is coming too.
" I received a complimentary copy of the book for review from Tyndale House "

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