Wednesday, November 9, 2016

NKJV, Know the Word study bible

Published By Thomas Nelson
Gain a Greater
Understanding of the bible
Don't settle for being a reader when you can be a student of
God's word.
This book is fill up from what it' leave of that all we are looking for and find more information and hungry to know and learn more about the God and the Bible. NKJV Know the Word study bible give you all about the knowledge and helping you to study and making it easy way to understand the God's word. This book making you more understand the way to study scripture of the Bible from the being by offering you the three individuals easy ways from being a casual reader of the Bible to becoming a regular student of the Bible ( Book by Book is a series of notes leads you through the main points of each book of the Bible, Verse by Verse is notes help you to dig deeper into God's Word, Topic by Topic studies is cover a 21 theological topics that guide you to a series of insightful notes and give you thorough biblical understanding of each topic. This will be the amazing way to understand more by using the tool from this book to develop a relationship with the God and study more about the Bibles too. I highly recommend this book for everyone.
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