Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Battlestar Galactica Vault

 Battlestar Galactica
The Complete History of the Series, 1978-2012
By Paul Ruditis
Journey behind the scenes with the shows' creators 

For over thirty years, Science-fans have been enthralled with Battlestar Galactica and the captivating story of human civilization's war with the Cylons. From the series' innovative special effects to its controversial storylines, the franchise has fascinated generations of viewers.
Now, Battlestar Galactica Vault draws on unique insight from the original producer, Glen Larson, and exclusive interviews with the reimagined series' creators, David Eick and Ron Moore, to provide fans with an authoritative look at the complete history of the series.
Featured herein and concept artwork by artist Ralph McQuarrie, annotates scripts and storyboard, behind-the-scenes photographs, exclusive images of ship models used by the special effects teams, and ten meticulously artifacts enclosed in two for readers to remove and examine. Fully authorized and illustrated throughout, Battlestar Galactica Vault is the ultimate celebration of series that changed science-fiction television forever. I highly recommend this book for everyone must have.

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