Monday, October 10, 2016


      cold case justice
By Janice Cantore

This is a story that was looking for to read and read it again and don't want to put it's down because all of the story is full of twist and keeping make the reader guessing what will be happening next and wondering all the time. The story of 27 years after the deaths to of Detective Abby Hart's parents,  she's desperate to find the proof that will put the mastermild the governor's wife behind bars. This series inside  this book is complete all the police-crime drama infused and basis of the faith that we all have in true life too. This book is very challenges to read even more when the Author are shape in every details of the action scenes and the complex the characters with a clearly a competent detective, an intelligent woman and compassionate partner plus the romantic. Janice Cantore bring all the experiences that she had from the Long Beach Police Department and transfer to this book and make it beautifully of the wonderful story. This is a one of the other kind of enjoyable of exciting to read and learn and to getting to know more about the investigation inside this book it much more to expend. I highly recommend this book for everyone to find out more excitement.
"I received a complimentary copy of the book for review from Tyndale House"

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