Friday, July 8, 2016

Go Big or Go Home By Scotty McCreery with Travis Thrasher

Go Big or Go Home 
By Scotty McCreery 
the journey toward the dream. 

This book it's very inspires me and It was very true and I was agree about he said Go Big or Go Home too. What is an interesting about this book is a real story of Scotty he is like a normal kid before that dream to become a singer and he was follow his heart with suppose of love from friend and family. Until he was become a winner of American Idol an successful in his career. But before that happen what it make he believe and dream to become a singer with a very young age and he was never give up to make this day come true. He follows his heart from the beginning to the end. If you know what do you what in yours life you need to make it happen as Scott do it too. I hope this book will be inspires everybody and learn about his journey. Thank you for sharing all of experience that not everybody know all about his life and musician on the back and the front of stage. This will be one of the most inspiring book for everybody need to read it now.
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